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Connections and Projects

Connections vs. Projects Connections vs. Projects

Mingo introduces “projects”. Projects are wrappers on multiple connections to “sibling” databases, such as development, production, testing or staging. Mingo treats these databases as “similar”. Query history, bookmarks, pinned columns and other settings are shared across each database.


Navigation Navigation


Each connection and project has a separate workspace with its own tabs, history and settings.


Mingo uses tabs just like a browser with the same keyboard shortcuts you are used to.

Address bar

Each tab has an address bar. It is Mingo’s main navigation for selecting the collection to work with.

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Querying documents

Sidebar Sidebar

Suggestions while typing

While typing a query, Mingo suggests field names, commands (such as $gte) and even values. It even adds missing quotes:
{profile.name: “John”} is corrected to
{“profile.name”: “John”}

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Sidebar Sidebar

Human-readable dates in query

Use shorthands for smarter querying by dates: {createdAt: #today}.

Some examples: #lastMonth, #thisYear, #last30days, #next7days, #1980-02-25, #since1980-02-25, etc.

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Simplified query for _id and all indexed fields Simplified query for _id and all indexed fields

Simplified query for indexed fields

Use P2GnzW3gB2mMxWtZu instead of
{_id: ‘P2GnzW3gB2mMxWtZu’} or
{_id: ObjectID(‘P2GnzW3gB2mMxWtZu’)}.

This applies to all indexed fields. For example, the query “shirt” will find all documents where any of the indexed fields equals this value. This feature is so addictive!

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Query history Query history

Query history

Mingo keeps your query history for each collection. In a project, it will share this history with all sibling collections.

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Browsing documents

Table & tree view combined Table & tree view combined

2-in-1: Table & tree view combined

Pin fields to create columns in tree view. Easily sort results by columns. Use conditional formatting and custom value parsing to adjust the way the values look in columns. Drag column headers to rearrange them. Right-click on column header for further options.

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Inline Edit Inline Edit

Inline Edit

Doubleclick to edit field value inline, swiftly and easily.

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Formatting data in tree view Formatting data in tree view

Foreign keys

Mingo recognizes foreign keys and finds the document with ONE CLICK. This is awesome!

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Multi-document actions Multi-document actions

Multi-document actions

Select multiple documents and perform actions such as export, update, delete or analyze.

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More features

Mingo Shell

Mingo Shell

The place to execute db. commands, but with special features, such as commands history or nicely formatted results.

Schema Analyzer

Schema Analyzer

Analyze selected (or all) documents in collection to see data inconsistencies or spellign mystakes.

Undo your mistakes

Undo your mistakes

Mingo has “undo” for insert, update and remove operations.


Mingo is currently free. Starting with version 1.0.0, Mingo will become a paid app for 15 Euro / year.